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Dr. Philip Stieg, Ph.D., M.D., Neurosurgeon-in-Chief Weill Cornell New York-Presbyterian Hospital


As Neurosurgeon-in-Chief at Weill Cornell New York-Presbyterian Hospital, I have had the opportunity to confer with Dr. Adam Stanger for the past several years.  Dr. Stanger has proven to be an insightful practitioner who does not hesitate to seek medical care for his patients outside of chiropractic when necessary.  On various occasions I have seen Dr. Stanger go above and beyond in making sure his patients receive the best possible care and advice in situations that are outside of his expertise.  His patients’ well being is his main concern.  I have also used Dr. Stanger as a source of information regarding nonsurgical intervention and techniques for treating various disc disorders as he is extremely knowledgeable in his field.  The highest compliment I can give a colleague is to ask them to care for my children.  When my son injured his lower back, Dr. Stanger was the first person we consulted with for conservative care.  After only a few chiropractic visits and a specific series of exercises prescribed by Dr. Stanger, my son was able to resume all of his sports related activities.  Dr. Stanger has my trust, respect and highest regards. 


Philip Stieg, Ph.D., M.D.


A Miracle


I have issues.. Aside from a bad back with few past injuries, and messed-up discs, I also have a very skeptical attitude towards chiropractors.  I've never been able to trust them enough to visit them until few months ago, when I managed to turn myself into a pretzel. 

Thanks to a very trustworthy source who highly recommended Dr. Stanger,  I was able to get a last minute appointment, and walked into his office in extreme pain.  Correction.. I was not able to walk as I was stuck in one painful position only, and I was carried into his office.  

He is very good.  He explains things very well so there are no surprises, and so no fear of sudden movements (or cracking sounds) 
He was able to fix me up enough that I was able to return to work in a day and that alone was a miracle.  Now I visit him regularly and for the first time I am actually not complaining about my back. Those with back pain will understand how rare those moments can be. 

His assistant is a lovely young lady who is very gracious and sweet.  Somehow she always puts up with me even though I am an awful patient and due to my hectic work schedule, I usually cancel or change my appointment date about at least 4 times... every time!


Go to this Doctor, even if you're scared of chiropractors.  He is very professional, helpful and understanding.


Muji B.



Excellent Knowledgeable Chiropractor


Excellent, knowledgeable Chiropractor. I could barely walk due to lower back pain when I arrived at Dr. Stanger's office and when I left I was almost already back to normal. Within 5-6 days I was practically fixed. 




Expertise Caring


I have received wellness treatment from Dr. Stanger for 16 years. Despite a family history of back pain I am in great condition. The expertise caring and training I have learned here have served me well. I recommend Dr. Adam Stanger to you wholeheartedly.


Susan K.


Real Approach


I appreciate Dr. Stanger's very "real" approach . . .  It's not about what you can't do, it's how do you feel better doing everything you want to do. Whether you are coming in for treatment for a specific pain or doing ongoing maintenance, Dr. Stanger will ensure you feel better and are living your best life.  


Susan M.



Headache Relief/Wellness for Life


I came to find Dr. Adam Stanger at the recommendation of our Family Homeopath, Dr. Karen Purcell.  She suggested my Mother be treated by Dr. Stanger for gastrointestinal discomfort and neck pain. Soon after witnessing my mother’s positive results, I decided to work with Dr. Stanger to help relieve chronic migraine headaches.  


As I came to learn, my headaches seemed to be caused by a build-up of tension in my upper neck. Dr. Stanger used a combination of extremely gentle adjustments, therapy (heat, pressure points, stretching), and exercises to relieve tension and to strengthen the surrounding muscles.  I also picked up educational materials he provides free of charge at his office to learn more about maintaining spinal health.  I made it a priority to follow the recommendations; get better sleep, take more breaks, stretch, to name a few. As a result, my headaches have virtually disappeared.


I plan to continue to visit Dr. Stanger periodically as part of my wellness maintenance program.  I strongly suggest anyone interested in maintaining good health to consider doing the same.


Maggie H-K


I have received wonderful care over the past 16-17 years from my amazing Dr. Stanger, Chiropractor.


I am a female of 78 years young and it was by chance, I read an ad offering Dr. Stanger's chiropractic services.  I bless the day I responded!  I trusted my instincts, I liked his manner, demeanor, his professionalism.  I realized that Dr. Stanger had his work ahead of him as I had three herniated discs.  On occasion I would walk into his offices, bent over, in pain - at conclusion of his wonderful manipulation and therapy I was walking and standing upright.  I cannot imagine (and do not wish to) what life would be like without his competent care.  He is a chiropractor that truly cares about his patients and I am blessed to be one of them.


Most sincerely,

Rose J.

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