Your First Visit With Dr. Stanger


Your first visit with Dr. Stanger will be very similar to other visits you may have had with other doctors for lowback pain or some other injury.



Prior to beginning care, you will be asked to fill out intake paperwork. The detail in the intake paperwork aids in providing better quality care to Dr. Stanger's patients and monitoring patient progress. 


Health History
The first thing Dr. Stanger will do is take a comprehensive health history to get a full understanding of your condition and your general health.


Physical Exam
Following the history, a physical exam will be conducted including a posture analysis, chiropractic, orthopedic, and/ or neurological exam depending on what is appropriate for your particular case.


If clinically warranted, Dr. Stanger is licensed to take x-rays and has an x-ray facility on premises.  In the absence of red flags, X-rays are not necessary to begin manipulative therapies for most patients.


Review of Findings

Once all the factors surrounding your case have been evaluated, Dr. Stanger will discuss the diagnosis with you in detail, so that you can fully understand your condition(s).


Treatment Plan

After you have a good understanding of your condition(s), Dr. Stanger will recommend a treatment plan of appropriate therapies he can provide including chiropractic techniques, physical therapy modalities, rehabilitation exercises, home stretching and self-care recommendations.


Dr. Stanger's goal as a chiropractor is to get you out of pain and give you the tools to take control of and maintain your own health ASAP.   


Contact and Appointments

Adam Stanger DC,PC


230 E 48th St

Suite 1B

New York, NY 10017




212 755 4343

212 759 6665 (fax)


Office Hours



Tues:AM hours by appointment







Dr. Stanger accepts insurance assignment and is a preferred provider with most of the major insurance carriers in the area.


Directions by Public Transportation


We are easily accessible by major avenue bus lines and subway lines 4, 5 ,6, E, F and all Grand Central Station subway lines.