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Dr. Stanger's Pain Relief Practice is the New York City Midtown East office dedicated to helping patients get out of pain and back to normal function ASAP. Dr. Stanger's goal is to help you resolve your condition rapidly and empower you to quickly return to a healthy, active lifestyle so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Dr. Stanger's Practice


Focus:  Pain Relief


My goal is to provide a short term treatment plan tailored to each patient's individual condition and needs so they can quickly resume the lifestyle they choose. 

My Guarantee:

In my practice I make every effort to provide superior evidence based care to relieve my patient's pain as quickly as possible or refer them to the appropriate provider if I can't help them. 


What Makes this Office Unique:

One of the standards that makes this office unique is that I will personally provide and be soley responsible for your treatment while in my office. I have never ascribed to the practice of multiple chiropractors/therapists providing care for the same individual on different office visits where continuity of care and progress may be compromised.

Another unique aspect of my practice is the specific attention I provide to the soft tissue structures (muscles, ligaments, tendons) of the musculoskeletal system. I incorporate various myofascial release techniques as well as manual stretching techniques to restore function and eliminate pain. Remember, muscles move bones, bones don't move muscles.

What Conditions Does Dr. Stanger Work With?

Dr. Stanger excels in the treatment and management of low back painneck pain, migraine headaches, scoliosis and similar conditions, as well as many other conservatively manageable musculoskeletal conditions.


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Dr. Stanger utilized various procedures and therapies to care for his patients. Treatment inludes chiropractic and massage techniques, physical therapy modalities, and rehabilitation exercises.


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Our Office Values


Keeping it Simple:  To make your life easier we will confirm your benefits, submit your bills and accept your insurance assignment.

Dr. Adam Stanger, DC

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Adam Stanger DC,PC


230 E 48th St

Suite 1B

New York, NY 10017




212 755 4343

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Tues:AM hours by appointment







Dr. Stanger accepts insurance assignment and is a preferred provider with most of the major insurance carriers in the area.


Directions by Public Transportation


We are easily accessible by major avenue bus lines and subway lines 4, 5 ,6, E, F and all Grand Central Station subway lines.